Hockey is the Greatest Sport on Earth

I have a thing for hockey. Watching hockey, talking hockey, looking at hockey players, reading a book where hockey in part of the plot…all of it turns me on.

Hockey is the greatest sport on earth. There, I’ve said. All you baseball purists and football fanatics can hate on me.

I marvel to think that I didn’t give hockey a first glance until my late 30s. I grew up with five brothers. Three sisters as well, but in many ways my brothers were more influential. Probably because in a family of nine, the last “tranche” included myself and three brothers. We watched sports all the time. My Dad was a baseball devotee, never missing a Red Sox game. And my brothers were super fans of the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics. They’d sometimes quiz me on jersey numbers, testing me to see if I could name the player associated with each number.

So, yes, it’s fair to say I became a sports fan. But oddly enough, hockey never entered the picture—until my four-year old son insisted on playing. It quickly became apparent that if I was going to support his hockey career, I needed to understand the game. We had just moved to the New York City area from San Francisco. My husband had been a New York Rangers season ticket holder in his 20s, before I met him. So, as a family, we adopted the New York Rangers.

We are fortunate enough to have season tickets and, I’ll admit, I’m one of those crazy fans who screams at the players and gets irritated by spectators around me who spend the entire game yapping about things other than hockey. (My advice to those people—save your money and watch the game from a bar!).

If you are one of those (unfortunate) people who like sports, but have never experienced the beauty that is hockey, please check it out for yourself. Trust me, once you get your eyes trained to follow the puck around the ice, you’re going to love it. And the players are easy on the eyes. Thanks to better equipment, there aren’t as many missing teeth as there used to be:-).

FYI, my son is almost fifteen now and still plays hockey. We took a two-week trip to Australia this past summer and he was miserable by the second week. He missed being on the ice. Not even snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef could cure him. Apparently, hockey fanaticism runs in the family!