The Spark That Shook My World

I went into this holiday season feeling creatively depleted. Shoulder deep in my manuscript, I lacked the motivation to take it to the finish line. Part of the problem is knowing exactly where the finish line is and what it looks like. Writing is so subjective! I had some (minor) successes last year that motivated me for a good while. One of those successes was finding three critique partners who have been giving me some eye-opening feedback on my story. But for every step forward, it seemed there were two steps back.

Then the holidays came, starting with Thanksgiving. I thought the week-long break I took for the great American feast would be enough. But when the turkey was gone and my family had departed, I still had nothing to give to my story. So I turned my focus to the Hanukkah/Christmas season, telling myself that after the New Year I’d be good to go. An entire week went by after the New Year and I could barely get myself to flip open my laptop. The revisions that loomed ahead of me seemed too large and too elusive.

After hours and hours of wasting time on social media—mostly Twitter—I stumbled upon a post by one of my favorite authors, Brighton Walsh. She did a fabulous post on her BUJO 2018—that’s her 2018 bullet journal for those of you, like me, who had no idea what that was. And OMG, inspiration hit me from multiple directions. For a couple of days, I researched bullet journals, perused supplies and made a Pinterest page to gather ideas for my own. I ordered a plethora of supplies, spending more money than I care to admit. (That alone inspired me to plan a bullet page to track my spending so that I can avoid that kind of binge spending in the future!).

The good news, my creativity seems to have returned! Today, my fingers are flying, my characters are growing by leaps and bounds, and my revision is becoming less opaque in my newly expanded brain. Don’t you just love it when something reinvigorates you like that?!

Have you ever found a spark that surprised you? I’d love to hear about it—send me a message on my “Contact” page.