About Leah

Leah took a roundabout way to becoming a writer. An undergraduate degree in economics, a couple of years on Wall Street, an MBA, a bunch more years in the business world and then an ongoing stint at motherhood all preceded writing. But the promise had been there at the edges, whispering and teasing. With a little push from her husband, who was known to leave books about writing on her nightstand, she finally succumbed. What a way to enter her forties!


Leah grew up in New Hampshire surrounded by lakes and mountains. Even so, as one of nine children, in a house with ONE bathroom, life was never simple or quiet. Except when she was reading. Her love of romance novels began in high school, when she devoured authors like Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood. These days contemporary romance dominates her kindle, with a few historical and suspense novels thrown in.


Leah is married to her dream man, a dark-haired, dark-eyed romantic who likes to throw chaos into her life whenever possible. They have three teenagers and two dogs (until her husband finally convinces her to get a third). Once again chaos rules the roost…honestly, she wouldn’t have it any other way.